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Water Safety Tips

Water Safety Tips

Water safety is something everyone should brush up on. With summer comes a lot of hours spent splashing around in the pool or catching summer sun on the shore of the beach. You never know when basic water safety knowledge can help prevent an accident!

A Friendly Affair
Swimming in pairs is a good idea no matter your age. Even an experienced swimmer can experience cramps that make swimming to safety difficult. Not to mention, waves are unpredictable and poolside surfaces can be slippery. Safety is important but swimming with a friend is always more fun!

Know Your Limits
Stick with water situations you can manage. If you are not a strong swimmer, avoid getting into the deep or rough water! Sticking to areas with a lifeguard or experienced adult swimmer is a good idea as well, swimming in a pool is much different than swimming in a lake or the ocean. Currents and water conditions in vary vastly and can take a lot more energy to keep up with.

Dive Smart
Diving can be a ton of fun. But, avoid diving into shallow water, or water that you cannot see the bottom of. Many diving injuries are completely avoidable. If there is a sign that says "No Diving" it is a good idea to avoid jumping in head or feet first to avoid injury, as the water may not be as deep as it looks or there may be hidden dangers below the surface.

Protect Your Skin
One of the most overlooked dangers of swimming lies not in the water, but on the surface! Use a sunscreen that is waterproof and apply it often to keep your skin safe. Sun reflects off of water to intensify sunburns. It is important to take regular breaks in the shade as well. This umbrella is perfect for poolside or at the beach!

Brush Up On First Aid
Accidents can happen anywhere, the beach and pool included! Knowing basic first aid and CPR is a good idea for parents and caregivers of children of any age.  Falls, insect bites, scrapes, and sunburns can and will happen, so being prepared will make the trip and incidents much less stressful if you know how to handle things.

Water safety is important, but so is the fun! Don't forget to stock up on fun toys like pool floats and beach balls and to take along a cooler packed with cold drinks and fresh snacks to keep the family fueled for summer fun on your next pool or beach day!

Beat the Heat With These Cool Ideas

Beat the Heat With These Cool Ideas

Summer is here and the days are getting hotter! This year, why not beat the heat while having a ton of fun with the kids? I have some super fun ideas for ways to cool off while playing together as a family. I know you are going to love these ideas and want to try a few sooner than later!

A Sprinkle of Fun
There is nothing quite as simple or fun as taking a few dashes through the sprinkler! The kids can get cool while you give your lawn a drink and keep it looking lush! If you don't have a sprinkler, why not make an easy one with PVC pipe?

Penguin Plunge
On the hottest days of the summer, a little ice can go a long way towards fun! Fill a tiny plastic kiddie pool with ice cubes and water and let the kids plunge into the cold water like penguins would! This is a fun way to cool off while engaging in dramatic play!

Make Ice Pops
The possibilities are endless for the tasty combinations you can create with homemade popsicles! Fruit, fruit juice, kool aid, and candy make fun mixins that the kids will gobble up!

Make Ice Chalk
Painting with ice is a great way to beat the heat while getting creative with the kids! Homemade ice chalk or ice paint is so much more fun to create with than just a stick of sidewalk chalk! The kids might get a little messy with this activity, so make sure to take it outside and be prepared to spray them off with a hose before letting them head inside!

Host a Popsicle Bar for Friends
Call a few friends and offer to share a treat with them! This is a fun way to use all of those great popsicles mentioned earlier that you might want to make! If you don't want to make homemade popsicles, twin pops or freezer pops will be a hit too!

Have Ice Cream For Dinner
This is a summer tradition in our family. On an especially hot day, grab the family and head to an ice cream parlor for an unforgettable and out of the ordinary dinner of ice cream! My parents did this with me as a child and I have continued to do this with my own family!

If you have a great idea for cool summer fun on a super hot day, leave a comment to inspire us on the next scorcher!

Stunning Bracelets for Summer

Stunning Bracelets for Summer

As I get comfortable with my summer wardrobe, I realize that there is something missing. Almost every outfit can be made even better with a simple bracelet.  As the temperatures rise, I solidify my stance that less is more, and that includes my jewelry options!

If you too feel like your summer style could benefit from a few great bracelets, you are going to love the new ones we have in stock here in the Blue Digger shop! These are all lovely and affordable, and sure to be as unique as you are!

If you need a touch of good luck and maybe an extra eye on the situation of summer, this Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet is perfect for you! It features a gorgeous blue bead and a simple silver band to bring good luck to your life, or if you aren't overly superstitious, it will at least bring good luck to your summer look.

If you desire something with a personal touch as well as an elegant appearance, then this Family Tree Charm Bracelet is one to check out. It features charms with the initial of your loved ones. It comes in many varieties from brass to silver filled, to gold and sterling silver, to meet your preferences and your budget. These are affordable and make a great gift option!

A Birthstone Charm Bracelet adds a lovely touch to any outfit in colors that are meant just for you! This is simply beautiful, and you can add additional birthstone charms to the bracelet to represent special loved ones where ever you wear it!

Say I love you in any language with this stunning line of unique bracelets. Pick one, or layer them all to send a message of love no matter where you wear it. The bracelets are available in brass, silver, gold and rose gold to match your style.

If you need a way to share a sweet sentiment with a sister, this is the perfect set! This bracelet line includes a big sister and a little sister bracelet that is handmade and stunning! The bond between sisters is strong as is, but proudly rocking one of these takes your devotion to your sister to the next level!

I hope these bracelet suggestions help you to find a new way to add simple style to your summer wardrobe!

Fabulous Father's Day Gifts

Fabulous Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is close, and I have been shopping around for ideas to give both my dad and my husband awesome Father's Day gifts this year. My dad tactfully sent a message to a friend declaring no father wants a tie and he included me in his chat to drive the point home. This year I will shop until I drop to find him the perfect gift!

Men want useful gifts! What could be better than a mug declaring him the best dad in the galaxy? A cool mug is a perfect way to tell dad again and again that you think he is a stellar guy when he starts his day with a cup of joe.

If your dad is a reader, this personalized bookmark is a sweet way to tell him you care. You can write your message and send it to the Blue Digger shop via email and the bookmark will be created using your handwriting! These are a one of a kind gift that your dad will treasure!

Dad works hard for his family, so why not indulge him with a well-earned nap?  This shark sleep sack is available in adult sizes including a long sack for a tall daddy! This is a one of a kind gift that takes a bite out of nap time and will give your special guy a good chuckle when he opens his gift!

Pocket watches are classy and will never go out of style. This one is stylish, durable and can be engraved with a special message, for a father's day gift he will cherish for years to come. The dark midnight finish of this watch makes it handsome and easy to match to favorite outfits!

If dad likes to golf, he will adore this trunk organizer to keep his shoes, balls, and gear tidy and ready to go at a moments notice! 

A money clip is a useful gift that adds style and flair to dad's look. The personalization will make it as unique as he is.  If he isn't a money clip kind of guy, you could appeal to his inner boy scout and help him be prepared to pop off a top anywhere, anytime with this credit card size bottle opener.

If you have a great idea for an unforgettable father's day gift, be sure to leave a comment and let us know your idea! 

8 Ideas for Budget Friendly Summer Fun

8 Ideas for Budget Friendly Summer Fun

The temperatures are rising, the sun sets much later, and the urge for ice cream has hit hard. You know what that means; summer is upon us! It seems that we crave these days all year long and then when they are here, the kids get restless easily and parents start scratching their heads for ways to keep everyone active and happy.

This year, don't let the lazy carefree days of summer lead to a slump with your family. I have a 8 fun and many times FREE ideas to share with you to keep your family in the business of fun.

1. Sign up for summer reading programs at the library
Most libraries offer an incentive to kids to keep them reading. They can earn small prizes, books and sometimes amusement park tickets for actively reading all summer long. Did you know that the grown-ups aren't discluded from the fun? Ask your local library about their adult summer reading programs and read for your own chances at prizes and stimulation!

2. Volunteer
No matter what your schedule is like, there is always a need for your family in your community. From reading to senior citizens, shelving books at the library, or organizing a family project to clean up the neighborhood, there is always a chance to do something positive for your community and have a great time doing it.

3. Head to the beach
If there is a body of water nearby, make it a point to check out the beach. Lakes offer swimming and fishing opportunities for older kids while the little ones will love playing in the sand! While you are there, fit in a nature walk or a picnic lunch to make the day extraordinarily summer-riffic.

4. Visit a local garden
If you don't have the space for a garden at home, Google community gardens, and garden centers. You can enjoy a walk and take in the sight of all of the things in bloom this season. After the trip ask the kids to sketch out some of their favorite flowers, plants or trees to create a keepsake.

5. Make it an Ice Cream for Dinner Night
At least once a summer, on an especially hot day, I skip the kitchen and take the family to our favorite ice cream parlor. The kids always look forward to this opportunity to create the ice cream sundae of their dreams and I appreciate the break from dinner duty.

6. Camp Out
The backyard is thrilling at night for children. If you don't have a backyard, pitch a small tent in the house and let the kids and their imaginations run wild. The change of pace and sleeping arrangements might have the kids eager for bedtime, for a welcome change!

7. Become Bug Detectives
Exploring the insects and bugs that call your lawn home in the summer is a great way to learn, play in the dirt and make some new friends that might be just a little buggy. An empty jar and a small net are all you need to send your kids out on the trail of creepy crawly critters! 

8. Seek Out Shade
Invite the kids to put their imaginations to work. Your backyard is the dessert and the kids need to find shade. As the sun moves in the sky the shade will change too. Ask the kids to predict how they think the shade will change and move as the day progresses. If you need shelter, this beach umbrella can add a splash of color while acting as an oasis for your imaginative little ones.