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7 Ornaments to Gift This Holiday Season

7 Ornaments to Gift This Holiday Season

This year, we are going to focus a lot of our gifting efforts as a family on finding the perfect Christmas ornaments to give to friends and relatives. You can't go wrong with a special ornament and year after year, as it is placed on the family tree, a smile will come to the faces of the people we love as they remember where the ornament came from!

If you have a similar train of thought, you are in the right place. I have found 7 ornaments that I think are perfect for showing how much you care. From ornaments to welcome a new baby, to ornaments to honor a pet, these are some of the cutest ornaments the internet has to offer!

This ornament honors baby's first Christmas and it can be personalized! This is sure to be one of those ornaments that will be treasured for years to come! It comes in both pink and blue and is nothing short of adorable!

This ornament is perfect for a new couple, in honor of their first Christmas together. Trust me, they will always cherish this one! I fondly recall the first Christmas ornaments my husband and I received on our first holiday together. Every year, as we place these on our tree, we share a moment as we recall those moments of wonder from so many years before.

A family of 3 will appreciate this adorable skiing family ornament. You can personalize it and make it a one of a kind special adornment for a holiday tree.

4 Stockings hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nick will soon be there to bring a special gift for a special family, like this personalized ornament!

5 sweet gingerbread faces are waiting to bring smiles with this cute personalizable ornament for your favorite family of 5!

If you have twins in your life, this is the ornament for them! Personalize it to make it is as unique as the twins are and they will always adore your thoughtful gift!

This one is for the pooch who has left a pawprint on your heart. Give your favourite four-legged friend a prime spot on the tree now and forever with this ornament. Tails are sure to wag in gratitude!

Which of these ornament ideas do you like best? If you are more of a handmade ornament kinda person, make sure you hop over and check out these handmade ornament ideas for kids!

6 Cute and Clever Coffee Cups

6 Cute and Clever Coffee Cups

Parents, we wouldn't be as awesome as we are today without one thing... coffee! The fragrant roast, the warmth of the beverage, the incentive to be productive {hello... caffeine!} Coffee is a key component in my story of motherhood. Recognizing the role coffee plays in my life, I feel a great coffee mug is kind of a requirement for life.

We have some fantastic mugs in the shop that I had to share with you, these are cute, catchy and sure to become a favorite vessel of yours for your favorite magical mom brew!

There are days when I feel like this about adulting.... I am sure you do too! When the urge to mermaid hits, let the world know with this fantastic mug!

If you love Pokemon Go, you need this mug! It is cute, it is clever and it is going to make you smile not once, but twice. The first smile will come when you grab what is sure to become your favorite mug. The second smile comes from the first sip of the coffee.

On  those days when you can't even, we have a mug for that! Make a statement with this mug that most of your friends are going to agree with.

This mug tells it like it is. Let the people know you can and will focus, but you need some coffee to do it. Hopefully, someone will get the hint and fill your mug with something delicious and freshly brewed.

Somedays you need to proclaim messy hair don't care and grab your favorite mug  of coffee as you tackle the never ending to-do list of a mom.

This mug is funny, but it is not meant to be. We meant this as a fact of life. Either way, if you need a chuckle or a mug that offers a taste of brutal honesty, this is the one! Coffee keeps me going until it is time for wine is kinda my mantra these days.

If you don't drink coffee, no sweat. It is, after all, hot cocoa season! If you are shopping for a coffee loving friend, these mugs make the perfect holiday gift idea!



Making Fall Chores Seem Like Family Fun Time

Making Fall Chores Seem Like Family Fun Time

I have a secret to tell you guys.

In the fall, there are so many opportunities for family fun! It seems my family is prepared to have fun, no matter what we have on our agenda for the day... and I totally manipulate that by turning chores into family fun!

If you have a long list of things to do, and an equal longing for family time you are going to love these ideas for Making Fall Chores Seem Like Family Fun Time!

Plant Bulbs for Spring!
Family gardening is fun because it is dirty! My kids love the opportunity to get their hands dirty, so they get really excited anytime there is a chance to get in the garden! Plant bulbs such Irises, daffodils and tulips now for a great display of easy maintenance color in the spring!

Rake The Leaves
Give everyone a chance to rake the leaves, and of course a chance to jump in the pile too! The kids will have a lot of fun with the jumping! To avoid groans over the raking, make it a contest, who can make the biggest leaf pile in 5 minutes time?

Feed the Birds
If you don't have a bird feeder, now is a great time to craft up an easy one with the kids. I love this pine cone bird feeder craft. It is so simple almost anyone could make one. After you have fed the birds, enjoy some quiet bird watching time together as a family!

Clean and Put Away Outdoor Furniture
On a warm and sunny fall day, gather sponges, scrub brushes, soap, and water and let the kids help you scrub outdoor chairs and toys before you store them for winter. This is great because, in the spring, your outdoor items will be clean before you bring them back out and your kids will love getting one last chance to get a little wet before winter comes.

Do you have a favorite activity to do with the family in the fall that doubles as a chore? I would love to hear about it!

5 Classically Cool Costumes for Boys

5 Classically Cool Costumes for Boys

Halloween is a pretty magical time in the life of a child. The elements of fantasy combined with family fun create a recipe that is irresistible for kids of all ages! I am always super impressed with how much Halloween costumes change over the years offering variety and options I could have only dreamed of as a child.



If your boys are looking for excitement and adventure this Halloween, you are in luck! I have 5 fantastic costumes for boys to share with you! These are incredibly exciting ideas that your little guys are going to flip for!


If he dreams of speeding around the track in a car that is faster than lightening, then this  Racecar Driver  costume is perfect for fueling his Halloween dreams!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it is just your Superhero son flying into rescue as many Halloween treats as he can fit into his bucket!


Did you eat too many sweets? No sweat if you have your Junior Doctor in the house to make you feel better and warn you against the dangers of eating too many Halloween treats!


Is your son always zooming from one activity to another? Maybe this Fighter Pilot costume will be the perfect fit for your aiming for the sky little guy!


If your son dreams of exploring the universe, you can't go wrong with a classically cool Astronaut costume!


Which of these is your favorite? If you have a go to classic costume idea for boys please leave a comment to inspire more great costume ideas!


Halloween Costumes for Mom and Dad

Halloween Costumes for Mom and Dad

Halloween is the perfect time to put all the serious business aside and savor the moment with your children. This year, instead of scouring the stores and spending a small fortune on a costume for yourself, you can kick back and pick a costume from the comfort of your home! To make it easier than ever, I have found 3 fun options that will work for Mom or Dad!

Did you dream of being a firefighter as a child? This year, you can make that daydream a reality if only for a night with this official looking bunker gear on the market! Available in a few colors this firefighter costume also comes in a junior option, in case you want to make it a family firefighting affair!

Shh? Did you hear that? I swear I heard a whistle beckoning me to jump on the train! If you heard it too, then you have found your costume! Perfect for Dad or Mom, this Adult Train Engineer Costume comes with everything you need to call "All Aboard!" the passengers of the Halloween fun train!

Let your dreams take flight, if only for one night with this awesome Adult Flight Suit! I love that it comes with a Nasa Hat and an awesome one piece flight suit! Don't forget to check out the junior and baby costumes, which are perfect for taking the entire family along on this flight to Halloween fun!

If you have a favorite costume idea for an adult this Halloween I would love to hear about it! There is not a lot of time left to find the perfect costume, so it would be great to hear your suggestions!