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3 Things To Make With a Paper Plate

3 Things To Make With a Paper Plate

When I think about my favorite craft supplies, paper plates are at the top of my list of must-have items for crafting with kids. A clean circle of white is essentially a blank canvas, awaiting your creativity.  As a child, some of my fondest memories involve paper plate crafting sessions with my cousin. We would decorate the paper plates to look like flying saucers and wait for the wind to be just right. Then we would send the plates flying all over the yard, absolutely delighted with our creations zooming a few feet into the air. The thrill of chasing the UFOs and catching them before the wind could carry them away added to the experience greatly.

Today, I am a mom that loves to offer fun projects made with basic household items. Paper Plates are one of my go-to resources because there are so many amazing things that you can make with them! I have 3 ideas to share with you that I hope will inspire you to hand your kids a few clean paper plates and let their imaginations take flight!
With 2 paper plates, 2 craft sticks, a few dots of glue and a balloon, you can make a really fun paper plate tennis set! I love that this combines art, play, and physical activity all in one project. Have the kids decorate their paper plate tennis racquet then challenge each other to an epic match!
With just a few simple items like scissors, a string, some glue, paint or markers and a paper plate or two you can take playtime to a new mysterious level! There is no limit to the fun masks your family can create to add a lot of fun additions to your dress up trunk or imaginary play sessions!
This paper plate craft brightens even the rainiest of days! This idea is colorful, fun and encourages little ones to use their fine motor skills while learning about colors and patterns. All you need is a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a paper plate and some colorful paper to create these pretty paper plate rainbows!
Do you craft with paper plates? There are so many ways you can turn this basic picnic staple into a masterpiece!

Must Have Items for Football Season

Must Have Items for Football Season

Parents across the country are gearing up for the back to school season. There are supplies to gather, schedules to coordinate, routines to adjust to and of course, football games to watch! If your child athlete is taking the field this year you will want to gear up for the game!

Being prepared for fun doesn't mean you have to be loaded down with supplies! With a little planning and smart shopping you can take everything you need to fuel players and fans!

Being a football mom means you need to have a few thing on hand when you are on the sidelines but having too many things can be a distraction. After spending several seasons in the stands cheering on my kids I have a few tips to help you be prepared and comfortable all season long!

  • Charge your cell phone and camera before the game! You don't want to miss the perfect shot of your child making a touchdown because your battery has died! A powerbank charger is a great way to offer an extra battery life with minimal investment. 
  • Invest in seating! Sitting in the bleachers is tough on your back and bottom! An inexpensive stadium seat is a good way to make yourself comfortable even if the game goes into overtime!
  • A sit and sip cooler is another great option for comfort during the game, as an added bonus you can keep a few drinks cool for sharing with your team!
  • Games can get chilly as the season progresses! Bring a sweatshirt or a lightweight lap blanket to keep you cozy and ready to go into overtime!
  • Football foot is certainly an indulgence! Bringing your own snacks can save money and your waistline. This convenient backpack is an insulated cooler and is spacious enough to pack in the snacks without breaking your back, or your bank!

As you cheer on your player, remember to keep warm, hydrated and to cushion your bottom from those hard bleachers. A great tumbler or travel mug can help you to keep hydrated while looking fashionable! I love these ones with a straw!

Do you have any tips to help keep football parents prepared and comfortable this season? Leave us a comment!

Fin Flipping for Mermaids

Fin Flipping for Mermaids

Summer might be almost over, but that doesn't mean my obsession with mermaids is going anywhere! There is something alluring about mermaids,  maybe it is part magic, part pretty and a whole lot of fun that make me want to buy all of the mermaid things!

If you think all things mermaid are fantastic too, you are going to flip a fin over some of the fun things we have in the Blue Digger shop! From mugs to lunch boxes, sleep sacks and costumes, we have something for every mermaid fan!

Send your little one back to school with a lunch bag that makes a splash! Not only is this lunch bag durable and roomy but it is also easy to clean and it is insulated to keep the perishables chilled! This bag features some sweet mermaid designs that  are sure to make your little one smile.

Make a statement with your backpack! This Wildkin & Olive Snack n Pack helps transport books and folders in style but it also offers a place to stash a snack. The front pocket is insulated to keep a drink and snack cool and conveniently located. I love this backpack for  easy and healthy after school snack needs! Naturally there is a friendly and fun mermaid design offered among others!

After getting the kids ready for school, you might feel like you have adulted enough for a while. If that is the case, we have the perfect mug for you! The

Sometimes you need to flip  fin and grab a nap in cozy comfort! These gorgeous mermaid sleep sacks come in sizes from infant to adult and are so comfy that you will want to curl up with your mermaid tail all of the time!

After a day at school, a cup of coffee and maybe even a great nap, mermaid style, your little one might need one flip of her fin as she transforms into a princess. This Mermaid Princess Ball Gown is a gorgeous option.  If your little mermaid prefers purple, she will love this costume for pretend play all day!

Which of these mermaid items is your favorite? I would love to hear about it in a comment!

The Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

The Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

We have a birthday party to attend next weekend, but it also comes with a dilemma, we don't know the birthday boy very well and his invitation doesn't indicate a theme. When I asked my son about what his new classmate likes, he said, "I think he likes to play!" That leaves me looking for a great gift on basically no information!

I have found some fantastic gift options for boys that are sure to bring a smile to any childs face!
If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you will have some fun ideas to start with from the blue Digger shop, and don't forget we always offer free shipping!

Boys love to build! Legos always make a great gift for kids, ages 2 to 102! If you want to give something a little different than a standard lego set, you might want to check out these great BrickStix packs. Available in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Sponge Bob, Glow in the Dark and Variety Packs, you are sure to find a fun 3 pack for the birthday boy!

Sock Monkeys are fun little friends with history.  Sock Monkeys themed to a favorite charater are almost more fun than I can handle! I love the Dark Vader Monkey, he is so cheeky!  The Harry Potter Monkey is magically cute and the Batman one is absolutely fantastic. In addition to the toy, you also get a comic for a double dose of birthday fun!

Grippies make for a fun way to build and discover what is possible with a little imagination mixed with effort. Available in a 20 or 30 piece set, these are a great gift to give any boy!

You can't go wrong with a classic game for younger boys. This jumbo textured domino set is a fun way to entertain without bells and whistles. It is also easy to handle for smaller hands. The set is colorful and eye catching. It practically begs kids to pick it up and play a game!

A Razor Junior Scooter is an affordable option to encourage activity. These retail for under $50 and are so much fun for new riders to learn with! Of course, you can find several other styles and sizes of scooters in the shop if you need something beyond the beginner stage.

I hope these gift ideas for boys help you pick the perfect present before your next birthday party! If you have a favorite item in the shop, be sure to let us know in a comment!

5 Fun Fall Family Activities

5 Fun Fall Family Activities

The temperatures are cooling off and the days are growing shorter. That always makes me want to dash outside! My kids have the same idea and they want to soak up every moment outdoors before winter is here and we have to put our bikes and scooters away.

If you are looking for ways to get your family outdoors to savor the weather before winter arrives you are going to love these ideas! Active play is perfect for fall days when we don't have to worry about getting overheated! 
Fruity Fun
Visit an apple orchard together! The kids will love exploring row after row of apple or pear trees! Plus apples make a perfect healthy snack to fuel the fun all day long! I love giving my family a chance to learn about where our food comes from too for an added bonus!
Get Lost
Have you ever explored a corn maze? They are so much fun! Some are basic in design, while some are challenging and created to show a picture from an aerial view.  Not only is it a challenge and a chance to get moving together, but it is also a fun way to spend time together in the peace of nature. You will never know what each twist and turn of a corn maze leads to!
Hay Day
We love to visit a farmer and buy a few bales of hay. They make a great outdoor seat for fall bonfires and parties and when they have served their purpose you can break them open and scatter on your lawn for new grass growth in the spring. My kids like to shoot nerf guns at them for target practice as well.
Naturally Decorative
Fall is a great time to draw inspiration from nature and create some one of a kind decor. Gather grapevine to make wreaths, pinecones and leaves to preserve and flowers to press. These easy touches make your home look fantastic in the fall.
Scare Up Some Fun
While you are raking leaves and decorating for the autumn festivities, why not make a scarecrow? The kids will love to give it personality and it might motivate you to clean out your closets too! Make a game out of creating the head and whoever has the best idea gets to crown the scarecrow!
I hope these ideas inspire you to grab the family and get outside this fall! If you have a favorite family activity, leave a comment to inspire other families!